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Bravo Florida for Putting Allstate in its Place

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Finally someone is fighting back against Allstate and their outrageous claims procedures on Car Wrecks. Read Story Here. A day after telling Allstate not to write anymore Auto Insurance Policies in his State, Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty told the company not to write anymore homeowners policies.

Allstate has made news this year from coast to coast, in the news and on CNN for not paying fair claims for vicitms in Auto Accidents. These so-called McKinsey Documents hold their secrets for Denying, Delaying and Defending Legitimate claims that were negotiated in bad faith.

As a Paducah Kentucky Personal Injury Attorney who has had to deal with Allstate and these Unfair Claims Practices I applaud Florida for being the first to put the heat on Allstate to get it together. If other states would follow Florida’s lead then the company would have no choice but to play by the same rules as everyone else.

I have watched with amazement many times at the low ball offers that Allstate throws at victims on Kentucky Personal Injury. I know watch with excitement, as I am sure many victims from around the globe do, as the tables are turned.

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