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How to Handle a Kentucky Car Wreck Case (Without Hiring a Lawyer)–Introduction

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Believe it or not, you don’t have to have a Lawyer in Kentucky to handle and settle an Auto Accident Claim. This past weekend I was involved in a Kentucky Auto Accident. It was clearly the other guy”s fault and luck and my guardian Angels probably saved my life or prevented me from laying in a Hospital Bed right now. I still had to come to work today, as I have clients that are in much worse shape than me. I do ache and pain and my left side is as stiff as a board.

As I reflected this weekend, I thought to myself, how can I use this unfortunate accident to help other people. After all that is what I do and the purpose of my life’s work. Not all Kentucky Car Accident Cases have to be handled by a Lawyer. It is possible to do it yourself and still get a fair settlement when you have been injured. Further, I thought it would be a useful resource to teach others how to handle less serious Auto Injury Cases by themselves.

Therefore, I embark on a new serious of articles designed to teach anyone who has been in a less than serious Auto Accident in Kentucky how to handle the claim themselves. As a disclaimer, these articles are not meant to be construed as legal advice and should never be a substitute for the advice of a Competent, Qualified and Experienced Attorney.

I will likely write about one article per day that gives another step in handling the claim by yourself. By walking you through my case I can teach virtually anyone how to handle the case by themselves. Now, this may be a controversail move and I am sure I will get some hate mail from other lawyers on taking cases away from us or ….them. I am not worried about that. All of the cases that I handle are Serious Injury Cases. So by walking you through my case maybe I can help someone and do some good from a bad situation. Further, each time I help someone with their case it will make my aches and pains feel that much better.

Enjoy the articles and good luck! I will start tomorrow with Step 1, What to Do When You Have Been Injured in a Kentucky Car Wreck?