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How to Handle a Kentucky Car Wreck Case (Without Hiring a Lawyer) Part I

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You would never believe the millions of thoughts that went through my mind as I knew I was about to be a Victim of a Kentucky Car Wreck. In seconds I was going to be one of the Victims that I go to work everyday to protect and make sure that they have a voice….and that that voice is heard by the responsible parties. Should I swerve left…..no that would be a head on collision. Should I go right…..no that would put me off in a ditch and certain injury. If I stay straight……head on collision.

I mean how could this be happening?? I am a Kentucky Personal Injury Attorney and I am about to be injured or worse.

I thought about my basketball team, kids that I had been coaching for the better part of seven years. Who would coach them?? I thought about my clients. Who would take their cases?? Then it was decision time, so I swerved right was hit by the young kid who was passing another car and was in my lane. I then hung on the side of the road…….Was I alive??? Yes I was, Thank God! Was I injured?? I don’t know because I am in shock!!

Millions of thougths in and yet it felt like it was happening in slow motion.

People start running up to my car. They help me out safely. I call 911. It is freezing cold and I have no jacket. Where are the Police?? Where is the tow truck?? Are there any witnesses. HELP!!!!!!

If you have ever been in this situation or even in a worse situation, this series of articles is for you. It is designed to allow you to handle a smaller Kentucky Car Wreck Injury Claim without hiring a lawyer. Join me in the Part II, when we discuss…….What do I do after the Wreck???