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How to Handle a Kentucky Car Wreck Case (Without Hiring a Lawyer) Part II

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In part I of this series, I detailed the wreck itself. Part II begins the process of picking up the pieces, both literally and figuratively. Your next step depends on how severe the wreck was. If you are injured, you need to go to the emergency room whether by Ambulance or other means. Take all precautionary measures to see make sure that you get the treatment that you need…..and the treatment that you deserve.

In my case, I was stunned and banged up but I could not tell to what extent. I ask the officer not to call an ambulance as I had been standing outside in 20 something degree weather for more than an hour and I was frozen. I wanted to go home. Further, once the tow truck driver extracted my car from the ditch, I found that I could drive the mile and a half to my house, although my car barely holding together.

The next day I remained in shock and awe and I really was still numb fromt the whole experience. It wasn’t till the following day that I woke up stiff as a board and hurting up and down my left side, which is where the major impact occurred. It was a substantial blow and one that we are not likely to absorb without some damage. I am estimating that the other guy was doing at least 65 mph at impact and me at abou 45. That totals to 110 mph. Thus, you can see why I was stiff and sore. Furthermore, I have had clients in the past who didn’t realize they were injured for days weeks and months later. Many times us guys try and tough it out until a nagging injury finally brings us to our knees……….Please guys………….save the tough guy stuff for another time!

I called my family physician and scheduled an appointment. I felt with my soreness to my left knee, hip and shoulder that it was not life threatening and I hate the 2 plus hour wait at most E.R’s. Your wreck will likely be different and you must let the circumstances and injuries dictate how fast and to what extent you get treatment.

In Kentucky we are No-Fault State. What this law means is that you are eligible for medical treatment, under your Automobile Policy, up to $10,000.00 in medical expense REGARDLESS of who was at fault in the accident. This law was inacted to allow Kentuckians and those injured on our roads, immediate treatment of injuries and in the end saves lives. I don’t like some Kentucky Personal Injury Laws and don’t agree with some but I really like this provision and the purpose behind it.

Most of the time a Car Wreck that does not involve serious or life threatening injuries is not an excuse to miss work. Here is a hint……juries like those who continue on with their job and their contribution to society. Juries implore those that miss work for no reason. REMEMBER, almost every person who has ever served on a jury has been in a car wreck.

I will address lost wages or lost time from work in a future article. Hint…..get as much documentation as possible….

By all means you and your injuries are most important after a Kentucky Car Wreck. However, once you are under a capable doctors care it will be time to deal with your car………….or in my case………what is left of it. In Part III, I will show you how I dealt with this issue in due time.