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Kentucky Auto Accidents–Ten Die Last Week In Car Wrecks

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Statistics are in for last week detailing the nature and extent of Kentucky Auto Accidents that resulted in Death. These statistics are for the week beginning on February 18 through February 24.

Only two of those deaths from Kentucky Car Wrecks happened in Western Kentucky. One was in Christian County and one in Ohio County.

There was a double fatality crash in Laurel County. Nine of the vicitms were in Motor Vehicles and two were not wearing their seatbelts. Only one of the Kentucky Crashes was believed to have involved alcohol.

To this point this year traffic are down by three from 2007. Further, the total of 97 deaths, 60 of those were not wearing their seatbelt. Kentucky adopted mandatory seatbelt laws in 2007. Many think that is the reason over all traffic deaths were down in 2007 and to this point are down in 2008.