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Kentucky Drunk Driving Wrecks Part I

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What do I do when a Drunk crashes into me and I am injured. The first thing you will want to do is seek medical treatment immediately. Make sure you get evaluated by competent medical professionals as soon as you can.

Once you injuries have been evaluated make sure that you have been referred to any specialist that might be called for or Physical Therapy.
Then you will want to have an Kentucky Accident Attorney look into your case. In order to do this you will need a copy of the Accident Report and any other information that you can gather…including witnesses who will give statements. You will want to do some research to find out who is the best attorney to prosecute your claim. You can do this by looking to the internet or asking someone who has been in your particular situation. Make sure you ask how many of these type claims the attorney has handled. Contrary to popular belief, not all attorneys are competent to handle these type cases. You can start by running a google search for DUI InjuryAttorney for your particular area.
Be leary of any attorney that tries to put alot of pressure on you to sign a contract. Instead, seek appointments and information from as many attorneys as practicable. Then go with your gut as to whom you feel the most comfortable. It is never a mistake to seek a second and third opinion on your case. Look for an Attorney who has written on the subject of Kentucky DUI Injury Law and knows the ins and outs of trying a Civil Case. Finally, ask the Attorney if there is a possibility of getting Punitive Damages in Kentucky. If they look confused, grab your stuff and run…….More on that in Part IV.

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