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Kentucky Personal Injury Attorney Part II

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What does it mean to be a Kentucky Personal Injury Attorney??

My name is Daryl T. Dixon and I am a Kentucky Personal Injury Attorney. That means that the focus of my practice is on Kentucky Car Wreck Law. As a Kentucky Car Wreck Attorney that handles Serious Injury and Wrongful Death Claims, I feel like my No. 1 Duty is to educate my Client/Consumer base. I must educate my Friends, Family and all of those that I come into contact with on Substantive Areas of the Law as well as other Issues that may affect them and their families. This guide will help you understand the basics of buying Car Insurance.
I realize that most of the time you don’t want to hire a Lawyer. You only hire a Lawyer when you absolutely have to have one. Similarly, you probably don’t want to hire a Heart Surgeon, Brain Surgeon or a Mechanic, but you had better know one in case you ever have Trouble in these areas.
I usually get called when the stuff hits the fan. However, I decided early in my career that I wanted to be more proactive than that. I wanted to give you, the Consumer, as much Information as I could. I wanted you to be Thoroughly Educated and know what to do in case you or Someone You Know is ever Seriously Injured or Killed due to the Negligence or Carelessness of Someone Else.
One of my goals in writing this educational piece is to sell more Car Insurance than all of the Insurance Companies COMBINED! I want to do this in order to protect YOU! If you have lots of Car Insurance you will protect yourself in the event that you injure someone else and protect yourself if someone injures you. FAR TOO MANY TIMES, I have had to watch a client walk out of my office, without a case that I could take, because they didn’t have the right Insurance. They tell me that they would have bought more insurance if someone had told them. Well now, I am Screaming from the Top of the Mountain, to buy plenty of Car Insurance and in these next Chapters I will explain why.
I have been representing Victims of Serious Personal Injury and Wrongful Death (and their Families) in Kentucky since 2000. As a small firm that only takes a few new cases a year, I have more time to spend with each Individual Client. That also allows me more time to educate My Clients, Family, Friends and All of Those That We Reach through our reports, website, newsletter articles and lectures. If you would like to visit one of what we hope becomes the most POPULAR Small Firm Website in the Country go to DarylTDixonLaw.com. You can obtain Additional Educational Material there.


We do not rely on a high volume of cases. We do not claim to handle every type of case known to man. We accept a limited number of Serious Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Cases from hundreds of inquiries each year. Most of our Cases are the result of Auto/Semi-Truck Wrecks. I have been on the front lines of Serious Injury and Wrongful Death battling for my Client’s against the Big Insurance Companies and Negligent Parties since 2000. By accepting fewer cases I have more time to devote to each Client and their Case.

I generally accept cases where my Clients have Clear, Objective Evidence of Injury. I accept cases in which there were Fatalities, Broken Bones or Fractures, and Permanent and Serious Disfigurement. This lists includes Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Cases. I look for X-rays, MRI’s, and CT Scans that evidence these Injuries as well as Large Disc Bulging and Herniation. You must have at least $10,000.00 or more in Medical Expenses or Lost Wages or a combination of both. If your injuries fit into these categories you could be eligible for Medical Expenses, Lost Wages and Pain and Suffering. In some limited cases you could be eligible for Punitive Damages if the Liable party is proven Grossly Negligent.