Paducah, Kentucky


Chrissie Cole

Whitco Co. Stadium Light Poles Recalled

A nationwide alert was recently issued by the CPSC warning facility managers and school officials to inspect outdoor stadium light poles manufactured by Whitco co. because the poles can crack or…

Daryl Dixon

Accidents Can be Avoided By Replacing Faulty Tire Stems

A recall on 6 million faulty tire stem valves give every vehicle owner and driver reason to worry.
These faulty valves can lead to serious accidents in the long run if not replaced, which is the…

Daryl Dixon

Kentucky's Calloway County Clerk in Critical Condition After Possible Malfunction of Specially Designed Vehicle for the Handicapped

Calloway County Clerk Ray Gene Coursey, Jr. is in critical condition after his specially designed vehicle hit two culverts and then overturned. Mr. Coursey’s van was specially designed for the handicapped. It is believed the accelerator malfunctioned and ultimately caused the wreck. View the video here.It is likely Mr. Coursey would have a Products Liability claim against whoever…

Chrissie Cole

TASER International Wins Product Liability Lawsuit

Tuesday, TASER International, Inc. announced that a US Court dismissed a product liability suit against them.TASER International, Inc., the maker of electronic safety devices said that the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana ruled that TASER’s stun gun was not a contributing factor to the death of a inmate by a Louisiana State Trooper.This lawsuit represents the…