Paducah, Kentucky


Daryl Dixon

Kiesel Takes Action Against Metrolink

Paul Kiesel, of Kiesel, Boucher, and Larson, is filing a lawsuit against Metrolink for the devastating crash that occurred last Friday.

The collision, involving a Metrolink commuter train and a…

Daryl Dixon

Fatal Boat Wreck Leaves 1 Dead, 1 Injured

A man, reported as a professional boat operator, is dead after a catamaran rolled over during a poker run.

The man, name unknown, was from Indianapolis. Another man, also injured in the crash,…

Daryl Dixon

“Shib’s Law” needed for Kentucky Emergency Responders

Last July, a 43 year old firefighter was hit by a Greyhound Bus after he was called to the scene of a Tractor-Trailer Fire on Interstate 57. He was rolling hoses when he was killed by the driver who…

Daryl Dixon

Great Story on Kentucky School Bus Safety 20 Years After Carrollton Crash

WPSD TV in Paducah did a great story on Kentucky School Bus Safety over the last 20 years since the Carrollton Bush Crash as a result of a Drunk Driver driving the wrong way on Interstate 71….

Daryl Dixon

Illinois Man Hit By a Train In Carbondale

A Carbondale Illinois Man has been hit by a Train today. The man was in a wheelchair and was attempting to cross Train Tracks.
WPSD TV in Paducah Kentucky is reporting that there were crossing…

Daryl Dixon

Pendleton County Kentucky Bus Crash Sparks Fears in Western Kentucky

The Pendleton County Kentucky Bus Crash from Thursday sparked fears with Western Kentucky School Officials. The facts of that case hit way to close to home for many in Western Kentucky.
A dump…