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Daryl Dixon

Young Adults Without Health Insurance

Due to the fact that most young adults are employed part-time rather than full-time, and that their employers are more likely NOT to provide medical insurance, most adults around the ages of 20 and…

Daryl Dixon

Girl Dead After Severe Staph Infection

McKenna Brooke Hatchett, a 14-year old from George Rogers Clark County High School, isdead after a severe Staph Infection.

She was hospitalized after she received a bruise on her hip in soccer…

Daryl Dixon

Men Over 55 Risk Fathering Children With Bipolar Disorder

A recent study from the Karolinski Institute tells us that children are more likely to develop Bipolar Disorder, or manic-depressive syndrome, if the father is older in years, particularly over…

Daryl Dixon

Death- How To Make It Through…

I recently read an article on InjuryBoard called "Death In the Family – What to Do When a Loved One Dies". I think that this article carries a good message for all of those who have Lost someone…

Daryl Dixon

Jogging Can Add Years to Your Life…..I've Waited for This One

My friend and Associate at Injuryboard, Jane Akre, just wrote an article that I have been waiting on. Jogging (for me) or running (for others) increases longevity.
Another important point in this…

Daryl Dixon

Paducah Personal Injury Attorney Releases Ebook Series on Kentucky Auto Insurance

Paducah Personal Injury Attorney Daryl T. Dixon has released his first Ebook in a series on Buying Kentucky Auto Insurance. This Part One of Kentucky’s Ultimate Guide to Buying Car Insurance focuses…

Daryl Dixon

Early Morning Kentucky Bus and Dump Truck Crash Leaves One Dead, a Dozen Injured

An early morning Kentucky Bus and Dump Truck Crash near Falmouth Kentucky in Pendelton County has left One Dead. Twelve more have been taken to the Hospital in nearby Grant County. 10 Children and…

Daryl Dixon

Kentucky Personal Injury Attorney

What does it mean to be a Kentucky Personal Injury Attorney?I get asked this question all the time. What is a Personal Injury Attorney and just what is a Personal Injury. I guess the answer is it can mean many different things. I have spoken with Attorneys from different parts of the country that feel this is an all encompassing term that covers many different practice areas. I have spoken…

Daryl Dixon

Western Kentucky Car Wreck Fatally Injures Cody Nash from Morgantown

A weekend Kentucky Car Wreck killed one teenager and injured Dylan Goodall, 13 of Morgantown Kentucky. Read Story Here.

Daryl Dixon

Two Injured in Head-On Collision.

A car traveling in the wrong direction on Man o’ War Boulevard in Lexington, Ky, caused a head-on collision, which resulted in serious injuries to Harold F. Parks, 87, and Sarah E. Zuerner, 24. Harold F. Parks was driving a gray 1989 Toyota Corolla in the wrong direction on the outer loop of Man o’ War Boulevard. At approximately 3:30 p.m., Mr. Parks struck a white 2006 Nissan Altima, driven by…