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Whitco Co. Stadium Light Poles Recalled

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A nationwide alert was recently issued by the CPSC warning facility managers and school officials to inspect outdoor stadium light poles manufactured by Whitco co. because the poles can crack or fall over, posing a risk of serious injury to bystanders.

Nine incidents of the poles falling, including one that went through the roof of a school gym has been reported to the agency so far. While most of the incidents have occurred in Texas, the poles have been installed in other states as well.

All Whitco LP stadium poles should be inspected immediately by a qualified professional to reduce the risk of additional falling poles. If there is any signs of deterioration, cracks or factures, the affected poles should be repaired/replaced immediately.

For more information regarding this warning, consumers can e-mail the agency or contact CPSC’s Hotline anytime at (800) 638-2772. #