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“Shib’s Law” needed for Kentucky Emergency Responders

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Last July, a 43 year old firefighter was hit by a Greyhound Bus after he was called to the scene of a Tractor-Trailer Fire on Interstate 57. He was rolling hoses when he was killed by the driver who didn’t slow down for the Roadside Emergency, clearly lit by emergency lights and traffic cones.

Family of the fallen man, James “Shib” Miller, pushed their petition until it was passed by Governor Blagejovich. The bill is now called “Shib’s Law” and it allows firefighters and other emergency responders to shut down traffic on Highways and Interstates until their work is complete.

The tremendous loss left a hole in Miller’s family, but they feel that his death was not a complete loss. Their other son and many friends are also firefighters, and this law makes them feel that their comrades are a lot safer now. Their only hopes now are that no other families have to deal with the heartache that they have.

So… is it Kentucky’s turn to pass “Shib’s Law”?