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Ambulance Wreck is Probable Cause of Kentucky Wrongful Death

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54 year old Vickie Whobrey was killed in a Kentucky Ambulance Wreck today near Louisville.  Whobrey was on her way to the hospital whent he Amublance Crashed.  A second Ambulance then took her to University Hospital where she later died. 

The Jefferson County Cororner said that she died from injuries suffered during the wreck.  The case and what caused the wreck are still under investigation. 

The further questions that will be asked are:  What type of Safety Procautions does the Ambulance Service take while transporting a patient to the hosptial??  These questions are similar to those asked in Kentucky Bus Crash Cases.  Were proper safety belt procedures used?? 

The family of Whobrey could have a Kentucky Personal Injury Case against the Driver as well as the Ambulance Service.  Of course, the investigation will shed further light on exactly what happened or what failed to happen.