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Bath County Kentucky Semi Tractor Trailer Truck Wreck on Interstate 64 Takes the Life of Kenneth Mckenzie

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This tragic Kentucky Semi Tractor Trailer Wreck happend in Bath County early Tuesday Morning.  Police were on the scene attmepting to clear up a first small wreck.  Click on the link to get the video reports of this Kentucky Accident.  The wreck took place on Interstate 64.

As the Police were clearing up the first wreck around 4:30 a.m., a Semi Truck rear ended a passnger car.  The car was occupied by Kenneth McKenzie, 49, of Bath County.  The impact of the crash flipped the Semi Truck on its side.  The impact took the life of Kenneth McKenzie.

The whole crash scene was under fog at the time of the Multiple Vehicle Car Wrecks.  The family of McKenzie will likely have  Kentucky Wrongful Death Claim against the Driver and the Semi-Truck Company.  However, the investigation is ongoing. 

Semi Tractor Trailer Trucks are governed under Federal Regulations called the FMCSR or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.  It is unclear at this time whether the Semi Truck was in violation of these Regulations.