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Kentucky Hit and Run Accident Investigation

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Police are searching for a car that hit and killed 37 year old Mark Little. He was found on Highway 172 in Johnson County. There were some reports of seeing Little walking down the road, but no one knew why. Investigators say that Little was wearing dark clothes, but they didn’t know how he got hit or why the driver fled the scene.

Little’s family has suffered a temendous loss. Mark’s father died just last week, now this second death in the family has left them traumatized. Authorities are asking residents to keep thier eyes open for any recently damaged vehicles and to call a local police station with any report.

Certain measures should be followed after any accident. Kentucky requires any driver involved to pull over and exchange identification and contact information. Failure to submit to this law, at minimum, gets you a traffic ticket. If you leave the scene of a serious accident however, you can be charged with a ‘felony hit and run’.