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Louisville Kentucky Police Arrest Man in Connection with Hit and Run Accident

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Louisville Police have arrested Keneille Finch in connection with a Hit and Run Accident that left two girls dead. Finch has been charged with two counts of Murder in connection with the deaths.

The police had pulled Finch’s car over shortly before the wreck, when he took off and later left the car abandoned. He is charged with running a red light and stricking the children of Angie Wadlington.

With Angie Waddlington was her four year old, Riley Jane Lawrence and five year old Claudia Wadlington. Both were killed but Angie Wadlington was not seriously injured.

It is possible that Finch could face another charge for leaving the scene of an Injury Accident. This law was signed just this summer by Governor Steve Beshear and now makes leaving the scene of an Injury Accident a Felony.