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A 70 year old Tennessee Man was killed on the Western Kentucky Parkway last Monday after being struck by a Semi Tractor Trailer Truck.

Joseph E. Litz of Clarksville, had stopped to tighten his gas cap when the Semi Truck hit his car and trailer before hitting another car. The accident happened near Mile Marker 114 of the Western Kentucky Parkway.

Litz and his wife were traveling to Louisville to attend the Kentucky State Fair.

This story sparks more discussion of the need for new laws concerning vehicles that are pulled off of the side of highways and Interstates. I recently wrote an article on a newly signed law in the state of Illionois called “Shibs Law” that allows Emergency Responder to close Highways and Interstates when duty calls.

In this case Mr. Litz was not an Emergency Responder but still should have been afforded some protection while stopped on the side of the road. A Potential New Law for Kentucky could require all Motorist to pull into the left hand lane when they see another motorist stopped on the side of the road. It is a Law that motorist must pull into the left lane when they see a Police Officer pulled off the road.

The need for this type of legislation is underscored when we see preventable accidents, such as this case. It appears that this accident was caused by a Professional Driver who was inattentive to a motorist pulled to the side of the road.

I would be interested in any comments on this issue and the need for some sort of law protecting motorist pulled to the sides of the roads.

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